Reelgood, the site that tells you which shows and movies are on which streaming services, has a new annual report on which is the best bang for your buck: Hulu, Netflix, or Prime Video. And this year, Netflix is losing ground.

If you want the service with the most movies and TV shows, pick Prime Video. But what you probably want is the most good movies and TV shows. Reelgood measures how many good titles are on the top three streamers, plus HBO and Showtime, as defined by user popularity and IMDb ratings. The site is posting their analysis tomorrow, but they shared some of their findings with Lifehacker ahead of time.

Every streaming catalog is better in 2019

The good news is that Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and HBO all have more “quality” and “high quality” movies and TV shows than last year. (The only exception is Showtime’s catalog of “high quality movies.”)

Prime Video has the most TV shows overall, a huge jump up from last year. But under a quarter of those have an IMDb score of 6.5 or above. (In contrast, almost half of Hulu’s shows rate 6.5 or above.) Prime has way fewer good/great shows than Netflix or Hulu, but still way more than HBO or Showtime.

Prime Video is king of movies

Last year, Netflix and Prime had roughly the same number of good or great movies. This year Prime has doubled its catalog of good movies. If you want the most possible non-sucky movies, Prime is by far your best bet.

That’s before you factor in that Prime is cheaper than Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Showtime. It’s before you factor in Prime’s other benefits like faster free shipping on Amazon products. It’s before all the various shopping perks like the Prime Rewards Visa, the Whole Foods discount, the occasional free ebooks, the Prime Music library.

It’s also before you factor in Amazon’s reign of terror over its employees, publishers and bookstores, and the earth. But that is outside the scope of this piece.