A more informative and user-friendly Dashboard

All key data on just one screen:

  • The number of available and issued License Keys
  • The number of active users and the amount of published TV-channels, movies and other content
  • The load level on the storage and broadcast servers
Welcome the new Ministra TV Platform 5.6!

Reassignment of License Keys

Welcome the new Ministra TV Platform 5.6!

From now on, it’s very easy to transfer the License Key from one device to another. It takes just a few clicks in the administrative panel to uninstall the Key from one device and assign it to another device.

Group operations with users

Welcome the new Ministra TV Platform 5.6!


Now it’s much easier for operator to manage user accounts.

When using the new group operation functionality, you can activate or deactivate accounts, reassign resellers and send events to the selected subscribers.

New Launcher

Welcome the new Ministra TV Platform 5.6!


The user-friendly interface allows your company customers to spend less time searching for their favorites. Content starts playing right on the start-up screen — the offered content are literally a few clicks away from the use.


Improvements in this version:

Administrative panel

  • Refactoring the platform core.
  • Implemented the ability to clear the license keys in the Administrative panel.
  • Added the ability to restrict user access to the service by IP address, in the reseller settings.
  • Added the ability to restrict access to the TV channel by the user’s IP address.
  • Implemented group operations with user accounts.
  • Improved statistics on the Control Panel screen: added information about user devices, information about the license keys and content, reduced the auto-update interval to 10 seconds.
  • Redesigned the mechanism of themes setting.
  • Added the ability to set a date range when filtering users.
  • Implemented closing pop-ups when a user you presses the Esc key.
  • Added missing models of STBs in the forms of updating the firmware and adding events.
  • Added a filter for No expiration tariffs and with a time limit and a column with the validity of the tariff.
  • Fixed the ability to scroll the Add event window.
  • Redesigned the mechanism for counting the number of resellers.
  • Fixed bug with sending forms when you click the Enter button.
  • Fixed display of the cover and the addition of the genre in the Audio club.
  • Added a check for the uniqueness of service packages names and tariffs.
  • Added a column for User Login in the List of Events.
  • Added filtering by favorites on the user filter list page.
  • Fixed users moving between resellers.
  • Fixed adding and editing tariffs.
  • Fixed validation of the Channel name field.
  • Redesigned the page with the list of videos and the page for adding movies in the Video club.
  • Redesigned sorting by year of release in the Video Club.
  • Fixed updating the table when removing a user from a group of users.
  • Fixed a bug when re-opening the Add user group window.
  • Redesigned adding modules in a service packages.
  • Fixed the importing of channels with genre from m3u.
  • Fixed bug when searching for a streaming area.
  • Fixed updating the parental control field after a reset.
  • Fixed display of the page with the list of Smart Launcher applications.
  • Fixed filtering by version and date on the Smart Launcher application page.
  • Fixed bug when adding the Smart Launcher application.
  • Added notification time selection depending on the validity of the tariff.
  • Fixed saving the new filter on the page with users.
  • Redesigned the user logs page.
  • Fixed the form for adding and editing users.
  • Fixed localization for the License keys and Advertising sections.
  • Fixed the display of the last view date in the Storage section.
  • Fixed the focus on the URL field when adding a file for a video.
  • Fixed tips in the Video club.
  • Fixed the validation of the Genre field in the Video club.
  • Increased the maximum number of seasons and episodes from 15 to 50 when adding of the series in the Video club.
  • Fixed language selection when adding a file to a video.
  • Added display of the video title in the breadcrumbs.
  • Fixed the display of information about on users in the group.
  • Renamed themes on the theme edit page and in the user profile.
  • Fixed the display of the number of episodes in the season.
  • Fixed the redirection of links from the bottom of the Administrative panel to the language version of the site.
  • Redesigned the order of actions over the user.
  • Redesigned the display of the Add user button.
  • Redesigned the message that is displayed when there are no users matching the selected filter.
  • Added the Author field for video and the ability to filter by the Administrator who uploaded the video.
  • Added columns with tariff and user group in the Users section.
  • Fixed the display of the scroll bar on the video information page when using autocomplete.
  • Fixed the description of the fields in the form of adding firmware updates.
  • Fixed specifying the package as an optional when editing the tariff plan.
  • Fixed bug when adding a message template if there are no notifications in the Tariff plans section.

Ministra Classic

  • Added sources of currency rates for minfin and bankua.
  • Fixed the reaction to the remote control when opening the description of the service package in the User’s Personal Account.
  • Fixed the ability to record a TV program from the EPG window to a USB flash drive from a channel that is streaming using Flussonic.
  • Fixed the display of the ratings in the Video club.
  • Fixed the switching of channels in the category after turning off the STB.
  • Fixed the display of long channel names.
  • Fixed the display of the parental control password pop-up window.

Smart Launcher Applications

  • Implemented the user interface Prime Launcher.
  • Implemented exit from the “Service is not available. Please contact your service provider” form via the Home button on the remote control.
  • Implemented a transition between screens, a call to the progress bar and confirmation of actions with the mouse.
  • Added a notification with the number and name of the channel when switching between channels from the remote control.
  • Fixed the launching of the following application: Radio, Explorer and DVB.
  • Fixed disabling the ability to use the remote control to control the STB.
  • Redesigned the virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed the window for changing the parental control password.
  • Fixed the display of active menu items in the Browser.
  • Fixed resetting filters in the Audio club and Explorer applications.
  • Fixed saving the city in the Weather application after restarting the portal.
  • Added limiting the length of the channel name and file name in the Records application.
  • Fixed the display of hotkeys and the address bar after playing a file by the URL in the Browser.
  • Fixed the display of all filters in Explorer.
  • Fixed focus shifting in Explorer.
  • Fixed saving the selected screen saver after restarting the portal.
  • Fixed navigation in PIP.
  • Fixed an error with putting the equalizer on pause after the player was deployed from PiP in the Audio Club.
  • Fixed input using the navigation buttons on the keyboard.
  • Fixed the display of the Action popup window in Explorer.
  • Fixed the focus after setting parental control on the application.
  • Fixed display of the Favorite indicator after resetting filters in Radio.
  • Fixed the Memory application icon.
  • Fixed the display of the equalizer when the player is minimized in PiP.
  • Fixed the display of arrows in the task manager.
  • Fixed the setting focus in Explorer.
  • Fixed the display of the cover in the Audio club.
  • Fixed the bug with displacing of the station in the list after resetting filters in the Radio.


  • Fixed the display of the sound level indicator when the volume changes.
  • Fixed the channel preview display after switching to EPG.
  • Fixed the ability to control the TV application after switching the channel using numbers.
  • Fixed the navigation when switching between TV shows in the extended EPG.
  • Fixed the display of the “F2 Play” button when focusing on an empty EPG list.
  • Fixed the confirmation window for resetting filters.
  • Fixed the focus when hiding the player in preview mode.
  • Fixed the display of application tabs at a resolution of 720×576.
  • Added a hotkey to play a program from the TV archive in the TV Classic application.
  • Added the volume correction.